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Aadhaar Card for Children

Age is no bar for enrolling in the Aadhaar card list. This card acts as the identification and address proof for every citizen of the country. Even kids below the age of 5 years can apply for the Aadhaar card using their parents information.

Aadhar card for children
Aadhar card for children
Wait for children? It becomes imperative for their identity card to exist. Especially for their education and admission purposes.

The issue that most of the people have a doubt about is the lack of identity proof and address proof for children below the age of five years. Yes, it is true. They don’t really have the essential documents required for their enrollment. But the authorities have created special provisions for the same.

Children above one year can apply for Aadhaar Card. Aadhaar Card centre is particular regarding not taking the fingerprints of the kids up to five years. The reason is that it changes rapidly with the time for the developing years. Hence, in order to make it legitimate, the Aadhaar cards of the children are linked to the parent’s or guardian’s card.

There are two stage of changes in the Aadhaar card as the kid grows up. Once when the child is five years old, the fingerprints are taken to be added to the database. And then again when the child becomes 15 years, the fingerprint information is taken. The second data acts as the final entry for the particular Aadhaar number. along with the fingerprint entry. New date of birth documents along with identity proof have to be given to the Aadhaar centres for the final linking of the name to the Aadhaar number.

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