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Application of Aadhaar Cards for NRIs

Having an identity proof is a prerequisite in today’s world. You cannot survive without one. Aadhaar card acts as your identity proof or address proof and even more. The Aadhaar number helps the Government of India to identify their citizens around the world. This card is for everyone who is a citizen of India, even if they live outside the country as an NRI; or even if you are a foreigner who has now become the citizen of India.

This identity proof helps when you go out for seeking a house, or if you have to vote or even for police verification. 

UIDAI provides every resident of this country with the identity proof even if you are a migrant, non-resident or foreign national. 

Application of Aadhaar Cards for NRIs
Application of Aadhaar Cards for NRIs

The procedure remains the same. You can take an appointment at the nearest Aadhaar card centre via logging into the official website of Aadhaar card. Reach the centre with your essential documents. The essential documents include proof of identity, proof of residence and proof of date of birth. Identity proof includes your passport, driving id or voter’s card, basically anything that has your photograph and the name.

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Similarly your residential proof should also include your permanent address and name. And your date of birth proof, should include your birth date and name. The centre will take your biometric information and fill it in the data base. After the entire procedure is executed with proper paperwork done, you will soon get the card at your home via the postal service.

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