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Checking Aadhaar Card status by the name

The Aadhaar card reaches the recipient in almost 60-90 days after the data collection. Initially the Aadhaar system had no online system. But recently they have come up with provisions to check the status of your card online and also to download a pdf copy of the card from the website.
Aadhar card status
Aadhar card status

Aadhaar card status

If you don’t have Aadhaar Card ID and along with not having the Aadhaar Card number, you can easily download Aadhaar Card by following the given below steps:

Go to the official website ( Click Here )

Choose the option head “You want to receive lost” – “Aadhaar No (UID)” or “Enrollment No (EID)”.

Fill your full name.

Fill your email address

Fill your registered Mobile Number.

Fill the security code and then choose “GET OTP” bar.

This will give you the OTP (One Time Password” on your mobile as well as on your email address.

Fill the OTP in the given box from your mobile or email address and then click on “VERIFY OTP”.

This will give you a message on your mobile phone containing your Aadhaar Card number or Enrollment ID as per the option selected by you in the step 2.

Then go to the Aadhaar website.

Choose the suitable option under head “I HAVE” – “Aadhaar” or “Enrollment ID.

Fill your Aadhaar Card Number/ Enrollment ID, Full Name, Pin Code, Security Text and Mobile Number.

And then steps are to be repeated. You will ultimately reach to the pdf form of your Aadhaar card. The print of this copy can be treated as the original Aadhaar card without any issues.

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