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Contact Details for Aadhaar Card Inquiry

Issues related to Aadhaar Card are really common for most of the Indians. From missing postal code to not getting the acknowledgment slip, there exists many issues with respect to this official document. And for clarifying such, the best way would be to contact the officials of the Aadhaar Card

You can have the contact details for Aadhaar card inquiry centers or from UIDAI inquiry department for any update, query and issues related to Aadhaar Card like location missing or pin code not in the list.

Aadhaar card enquiry
Aadhaar card enquiry
The UIDAI – Unique Identification Authority of India has setup an Aadhar Card Contact Centre for the Residents of India, Registrars and Enrollment Agencies of India. They have opened up such centres precisely for the purpose of making better convenience for the citizens of the country. There can be numerous doubts a person has during the filling of the form or documents that are needed. For such purposes there are centres.

All the applicants who have enrolled for Aadhar Card can get the printed acknowledgement of the applied Aadhar Card Center, after the submission of the application form along with giving biometric details.

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The enrollment number or your acknowledgement slips can be used as your proof for any further enquiries in your enquiry centres. Following is the address of the official office of the UIDAI office for any purpose.


UIDAI - Unique Identification Authority of India
Planning Commission,
GOI - Government of India,
Tower II, 3rd Floor, Jeevan Bharati Building,
Connaught Circus,
New Delhi - 110001.

Fax - 080-2353 1947

Voice - 1800-300-1947

Letters - PO Box 1947, GPO Bangalore - 560001

Email -

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