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Documents required for Adhar card

Adhaar Card has been gaining an increasing significance in India. Not only it helps to ease the officials, but it also helps to serve as the satisfactory identification document for its respective holder. Like every official document, this card too needs some documents for its issue. Herein is a gist of these for helping you out further.

Getting enrolled for the Adhar card is a simple process. It requires certain very essential documents that are needed at the first stage of enrolment. In case you don’t know about the process herein is a short glance over it.

Documents required for Adhar card

Initially you have to fill the Adhaar enrolment form that would require all the basic details of the individual.

Then is a proof of identification. The proof of identification (PoI) consists of documents like PAN card, Passport, Ration card, Voter card or any such document containing a photograph and the name.
Next up for the person is to provide a residence proof. They include everything from your electricity bill with your name on it, or voter ID card with address specified. Most of the times your PoI serves as a proof of residence as well. For example passport qualifies as both. Even your bank statement or passbook adds up to be a residence proof.

And lastly the respective person needs a date of birth document. That can simply be your birth certificate by the municipal corporation. Also, your passport can be used for this. If you don’t have a passport, submit SSLC book or certificate.

Once all these documents are collected, you can submit this at the office of UIDAI where it will be processed. You might receive your respective UIDAI card within weeks.

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