Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Fake Aadhaar Cards in India

It is now a common story to hear fake Aadhaar cards being delivered at people’s address. The most recent one was an Adhar card in the name of Bhagwan Hanuman. The father’s name was given as Pawanji. They found Vikas Kumar, a computer operator behind this illegal pursuit. His defense is that his fingerprint was not getting registered under his name, so he used the name as Hanuman. He refused to accept the card when it was delivered at his address and returned it to the authorities.

Fake aadhar cards in india
Fake aadhar cards in india

Authorities caught few people giving fake Aadhaar cards to Nepal and Bangladesh immigrants who do not have their address proofs. The charge for these fake cards are as low as Rs. 250 and as high as Rs. 5000. These people give the Aadhaar cards and new identity to these immigrants. This might just be the tip of the iceberg. India can be infected by fake Aadhaar card systems. Identity proof is supposed to be provided to the citizens by the government of India and no one else. Thus, making fake Aadhaar Card in India is a crime and a punishable offence under the Indian Law.

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Along with responsibility on the citizens' part, it also becomes highly important on the part of the officials as well, to curb such inappropriate situations and must also take strict actions against the individuals who do such. Not only will this make the entire process more authentic, but will also help inculcating in the minds, the fear of doing something wrong or doing something absolutely unacceptable, but will also help in the long run as well.

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