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How to apply for Adhar card

Application of the Adhar cards had been one big issue for many citizens. Not only does it entail a perfect comprehended process but also it includes several responsibilities on the part of the citizens as well. To help all such people who don’t have a clear idea with respect to the application of this card, herein is a short article on it.
How to apply for Aadhar card
How to apply for Adhar card

Adhar Cards can be applied by the citizens of India via both offline and online. For offline application, you have to visit your nearest enrolment camp. They are present in every locality of this country for the convenience of the people. Before reaching the camp, make sure you have all the required documents like identity proof, residence proof and date of birth proof. The photocopy of all these need to be kept in place before reaching the camp.
Once there, your number will come according to your token numbers. Your fingerprints and retina scan shall be taken to make the biometric entry as your data proof. After the biometric data collection, your document photocopies will be taken to cross check your reference. Your respective Adhar card will be delivered after a few weeks of processing at your residence.

You cannot apply for Adhar online. That is so because of the biometric data collection. But you can always take an online appointment for the desired date and enrolment centre. Applying online can save a lot of your time and energy. But you have to be there physically on the time of the appointment.

The Adhar system is trying to make the process as easy for the citizens as possible. Clearly, the importance of this card cannot be undermined. Hence it is of utmost importance to get your card today or at least on an ASAP basis.

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