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How to make changes in your Adhaar Card?

Aadhaar Card has gained quite a good deal of significance for most of the Indians. Coupling quite a couple of reasons, the card has definitely ease many issues. However, like everything many Indians still face quite a couple of issues with this official card. And one them is making changes in it. Let’s see how you can easily make changes in your respective Aadhaar Card.

Whenever facing any difficulty related to Adhar Card and you wish to approach the authorities to do away with it, you must definitely keep the following three kind of documents on standby:

How to make changes in your Adhaar Card?
How to make changes in your Adhaar Card?

Proof of identity.

Proof of residence.

Proof of date of birth.

These documents must surely be present in the list of essential papers and would be required for any change, that thus needs to be done on the respective Adhar card. To go into the specifics, a photo id is supposed to have your picture and your name that basically identifies you. Proof of residence should contain your resident address along with your name. And finally, date of birth proof should contain your birth date along with your name. Once you collect these together, you can visit the offices for any changes, thus required.

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Now the above documents mentioned serve different purposes of your desired change. If you need a change in the name of your card, use the proof of identity. If you need the card to show a different address, provide the authorities with your residence proof. And lastly, use your date of birth proof to change your age or birth date in the card. All these documents should be a photocopied and should also be self-attested.

In order to attest the documents properly, make sure your full name is clearly available on the document. If the changes are needed in a document of a child below 5 years of age, then the guardian can attest the papers for them.

Finally, upload the relevant documents to the website or send them to the UIDAI office by post to make sure that the correction in made in this important identification proof.

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