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How to make changes in your Adhar card online

The Indian government has rightfully issued Aadhaar Card. Not only does it serve as a reliable identification document but also it eases many other complicated process, thus helping both teh officials as well as the respective person to save quite a lot of time.

However, like any other official document, you can also some time need to change or make any changes on your respective Aadhaar Card. And this can be an easier process if done online. Thus, to help you out herein is a small how-to guide as to how you can make changes on your respective Aadhaar Card online.

How to make changes in your Adhar card online

The most important documents that the officials would often need in any correction or alteration in Aadhaar card are your identity proofs, residential proofs and date of birth proof. Now once you collect these self-attested documents, you can keep a soft copy of the same for uploading them.

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It is essential that the mobile number during your registration period is functional or active, as this will be used to send the confirmation messages and OTP (one time password) for final changes.
The authorities allow only four changes in total in a period of one year. So make sure that your requests are properly analysed and thought through.
Your name, address, mobile phone number, gender and date of birth can be altered using the online self-service update portal. But for any other changes besides the above, you may need a visit to the nearest offices of UIDAI.
For changes in your name or gender, you must use the photo identity that you have. The copy the id has to be self-attested. Do make sure your full name or thumb print is properly visible on the copy. As for kids below the age of five, the same of their parents, is required.
Following is a step by step procedure to change the Aadhaar data through online methods:
  • Using your Aadhaar number login into the online self-service update portal.
  • After logging in, submit the request to alter the specified data.
  • Now upload the supporting documents that are self-attested.
  • Submit the change in Aadhaar data in English and in the local language. The submission will need details like pin code.
  • After this submission, you will receive an Aadhaar Card Update Request Number. This request number is very essential to track down your application status in the future.

When all done, your update would soon be done.

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