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Importance of Adhar Cards

Adhar cards, the brain-child of the UPA government, was launched to make universal identification of Indian citizens a reality. The main idea behind the distribution of the UIDAI was inclusiveness for every scheme. The UPA government aimed to connect all its direct and indirect social security schemes to this project. By having the appropriate identification code using Adhar cards, bank accounts can be opened in the name of the citizens and that can facilitate proper cash transfers or other resources.

The Adhar cards are essential for every stakeholder in the society. Be it the under privileged, working professionals or students, it has certain importance for everyone. 

Importance of Adhar Cards
Importance of Adhar Cards

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As explained earlier, the underprivileged section of the society are the primary target of this project. To make their lives easier by removing the middlemen from the transaction between the subjects and state, it is of utmost importance to have an Adhar card in your name. This goes out especially for the women of the house in whose name the cash transfers or food allotment will take place.

Now for the others, the Adhar cards can be a big life saver. With your 12 digit unique code 
provided in the card, you can open bank accounts or go forward with online transactions. This saves a lot of time and energy for the customer as you can avoid the cumbersome process of paper and documents. Apart from this Adhar cards can also be used as the foundation through which you can attain different documents like passports. Passport offices appreciate the use of the Adhar cards as the part of the identification process. They do so because the possibility of fraud or forgery is negligible. This allows the citizens to even use this card for voting purposes. You can just go, present your Adhar card and press the right button!

Recently telecommunication companies have started using this biometric system of identification for providing SIM cards. This is very important as the direction is from the Ministry of telecommunications to not to provide SIM cards without proper Adhar card submission.

The above points clearly sum up the importance of Adhar cards in our daily lives. It is hence imperative to have an Adhar card for every citizen of this country.

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