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Procedure to apply for Aadhaar card

Aadhaar card registration is supposed to be free of cost for the citizens of India. And for the added advantage of convenience, one can apply for the card from any part of the country.

The first step towards getting an Aadhaar card is to have an appointment at the nearest Aadhaar centre. The list is available on the official website of the same. You will get the appointment also on the same website. Reach the centre according to the date and time along with the essential documents. The centres sometimes do not give out appointments due to overcrowding. In such a case, you must pay a visit to the Aadhaar centre by yourself.

Apply for aadhaar card
Apply for aadhaar card

How to apply for a new aadhaar card online

You need to carry the essential documents that are self-attested. So what are the documents are required to apply for Aadhaar Card? An identification and an address proof along with a birth proof. If one of the family members does not have the required documents, then one can also show the name at the family document. After the collection of all the required documents, it is advised to carry the Aadhaar application forms online. It doesn’t cost a dime and also reduces the cumbersome process at the centre. Fill in the personal details with care into the form. After taking the biometric information like fingerprints and retina scan, the information will be added to your name.

Aadhar Crad in Hindi Also

Do check our details after the person has filled the form for you. After this, you shall get an acknowledgement slip with the enrollment number on it. This enrollment number will help you to access your Aadhaar card online.

Usually it takes around 6090 days for the Aadhaar card to reach the recipient after the enrollment date. If it is taking longer, then it is advised to contact the Aadhaar centres or check the status of the card online.

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