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Process involved in processing Adhar card

The importance of Adhaar Card has been gaining a big deal of issue for almost all the Indian citizens. However, due to some problem or issue, many Indians are not well acquainted with the entire process that involves in processing an Adhaar Card. Thus, for all such people herein is a small gist of the entire process.
Steps for applying new aadhar card
Aadhaar card

To get an Aadhaar card or to apply for it, you need to visit an Adhaar enrolment camp. The camps can be present anywhere around your residence. They are specified camps in every locality in the country. You just have to reach these camps with your respective documents. The documents must include your

photo ID,
proof of residence and
proof of date of birth.

These are the primary documents that the individual need to carry to the enrolment camps. If you are going with the whole family, sometimes you may need to prove your relationship with the family members.

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Once inside the camp, you will be called according to your token number. The inspector will ask you to give the finger prints along with your respective retina scan. These can add up as your biometric information. All the information that is collected there is added to the computer into the data base.
After this quick information swap, your work there will be done.
Your respective UIDAI card will be soon provided to you after a few weeks of delivery and it will be provided to you at your doorstep via mail.

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