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What if you have not received the Aadhaar card?

We have all heard stories or even experienced the late arrival of the Aadhaar cards. The card reaches the address via the postal service. That leads to discrepancies in arrival of the card at the doorstep of the recipients. Now what happens in such scenarios is that the respondents tend to panic but it is suggested to highly avoid that. You can easily take many other steps for the approval of your card.

One of the best ways is to go online. The online website of Aadhaar card centers will require you to make an account. Once the account is opened using your enrollment number, you can easily check the status of your Aadhaar applications. Sometimes the applications are just stuck in the middle of paperwork. Or sometimes they have been dispatched but not received by you. And most of the times lost in the pathway. The online system of Aadhaar cards provides with an option to download your card online as a PDF copy and print it out. This print out can easily work as good as the original Aadhaar card. But you can do this only when your Aadhaar card has been approved by the authorities and is dispatched.

What if you have not received the Aadhaar card?
What if you have not received the Aadhaar card?

The other method is to go conventional. You can go back to your Aadhaar card centre to check the proceedings there. They will be able to guide you stepwise and/or check out your paperwork if stuck, there and then. This does save a lot of your time, energy and mental space.

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We all understand the need for Aadhaar cards in our lives. In a few years, it will become an inevitable part of our lives. Thus it is important to go forward and make one for yourself. And if there are issues in the same, address them as quickly as possible.

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