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Check how you can verify your Permanent Account Number

Verification of the PAN number is also known as to know your PAN number. One can verify and know the PAN number of an individual as well as non-individual identity. The procedure is simple and easy that anyone can do this easily. Also, there is a way through which you can verify bulk PAN number. This is mainly done by the Government or IT firms. But the basic procedure for this is to get registered for the Bulk Verification first. Altogether both the single verification and bulk verification of PAN number are made now easy and convenient for the individuals.

Single verification of PAN number

If you are trying to verify a single pan number of any individual or nonindividual body, then you can visit the page at The procedure is very simple where you have to know some of the important details such as the date of birth of the PAN number holder, surname, middle name and the first name of the PAN, number holder. 

As you open the page with the mentioned link, a page will appear with a short form to fill up. Put the date of birth of the PAN, number holder. Now put the surname, in the first box, the middle name in the second box and ultimately the first name in the last box.

After you are done entering the correct details in the boxes, now you have to enter the captcha words mentioned on the page. Be careful while entering this; make sure you are reading the figures correctly. Now click on the ‘submit’ option.

How to make changes or correct existing PAN Card

If the details that you have entered the match with the correct and existing PAN number, it will display the PAN number on the screen. In case it is not, then the result will come as ‘invalid’. Also, you can know about the status of particular PAN number that whether it is active or not.

verification of pan card
verification of pan card

For bulk verification

There are a number of places such as IT department where bulk verification of PAN number is needed. But in the above-mentioned link, bulk verification is not available. Or it can also be said that bulk verification is mainly not for all the individuals. Companies or organizations that are into bulk verification have to approach a special procedure for the same. They have to register themselves as ‘Bulk PAN Verification User’. For this, they have to visit the registration page at

Again here a form will be displayed that has to be filled in by the user in order to get registered as a ‘Bulk PAN Verification User’. Here you have to mention some of your professional details after which you have to click on ‘submit’.

As you submit your form, you will get registered, and you will be authorized to verify or know PAN number in bulk. Previously mainly this facility was being used by the Government entities only, but now also a number of non-Government entities are getting registered for Bulk verification of PAN number. 

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