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Know how to check current PAN card status online

You have applied for your PAN card, and you want to know about its status. Now this is very simple to track. After 7 days of sending your documents along with acknowledgment form to the NSDL office, you can start tracking the status of your PAN card. Though it takes almost 15 days to get delivered to you, but at times due to some technical of other errors it may get delayed. People may get impatient due to this and hence, the very best way is to track the PAN card status and know by what time and date it will reach you. You can track your PAN card status either by sending a text message or also by checking it online.

Checking or Tracking your PAN online

If you are worried about your PAN card, then the best way is to track it. You can easily track and know about the status of your PAN card simply by visiting the website at

As you open the page, you will get an option hyperlink with the sentence ‘Track status of PAN or TAN application online’. Click on this and this will direct you to another page. Here you have to fill up the form to track your PAN. The first option is the application type where you have to select from the drop down list. Now you have to mention your acknowledgement number in the next box. The acknowledgement number is the same reference 10 digits number that you have saved while filling up the application form online.

Next you have to put your Surname, First name and the Middle name as you have mentioned in the application form online. Now select the date of birth in the next box. This is all that you have to fill up and then you have to click on the option ‘submit’. As you click on submit, the server will track your PAN card and show you the tracking results.

Tracking your PAN online
Tracking your PAN online

Checking or tracking your PAN on phone

Nowadays mobile phones have become the most convenient mode of communication for almost everyone. It is not always possible to get in touch with the computer but at is always possible to carry your mobile phone with you. Keeping this in mind, the tracking of the PAN card has been made possible also by sending a text message. You have to send an SMS comprising of the content NSDLPAN followed by a small space and then the Acknowledgement Number. You have to send this message to the number 57575. You will soon get a reply from the number notifying about the status of your PAN card.

How to apply for a new pancard online

Now people are also carrying smartphones with them that have the facility of internet browsing. So, people can also check the status of the PAN card online using their smartphones. In either of cases, NSDL has actually made it easier and convenient for the applicants to have a check and track of their PAN cards till the time it reaches them.

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