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Steps introduced to stop individuals from creating fake pan card number

A PAN card or a Permanent Account Number is mainly an identification number offered to the citizens of India for various purposes such as taxation. Recently, the number is used in many other places such as for opening a bank account or for salary. But recently it has been seen that a number of individuals are obtaining fake pan card or multiple pan cards for various needs. The fake pan card can be used to stay safe from heavy tax, to make high amount transaction in bank and others.

A number of such complaints have come up recently, and this is an alarming situation for the IT department of India. So, the Indian government has come up with a number of ways that can stop people from forging pan cards. A number of steps have been decided recently so that people cannot obtain multiple pan cards.

Fake PAN Card
Fake PAN Card

Problems caused due to fake pan card

No doubt a number of problems are arising due to such fake pan cards. The PAN card number is an authentic identification number through which the taxpayers can be tracked. The IT department can track the properties held and the amount of tax to be paid by an individual.

But when an individual is creating multiple pan cards, it becomes difficult for the IT department to track such details of an individual. Also, an individual can perform a number of forgeries in banks and financial transactions using such multiple or fake pan card. So, it becomes extremely necessary to stop this act.

Steps taken to stop fake pan card

Recently it has been announced that the amount for the PAN card application has been increased to Rs. 105. Also, there will be some taxes included that will increase the amount even more than Rs. 105. Also, a number of other methods of verification have been issued that will be now implemented before granting the application of PAN card.

Now an individual applying for a PAN card have to submit documents like the copy for the date of birth, identity proof address proof with self-attestation along with the application form. Next during the scrutiny, the original documents of these photocopies will be asked for. After the scrutiny, the original documents will be returned to the owner in 1-day time.

Also, the technology system at the IT department has been improved so that tracking of the PAN number can be improved to catch hold of the fake pan card.

The PAN card features a 10 digit alphanumerical number that earlier had the address details in it. But now as per the new rule, this number will have the date of birth and the name of the applicant.

Hopefully, all these measures taken are strict enough to restrain individuals from obtaining a multiple of fake pan cards. The IT department of India is still working to tighten the authentication process for PAN card application even more so that no such leak hole is left out for any kind of forgery or misuse. 

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