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What are various documents required for applying for PAN card?

PAN card has become now one of the most important documents in India. It is not only an identification number for the taxpayers but has also become important for individuals who do not fall into the category of taxation. Various uses of the PAN card in India are:

·         For taxation and filing returns,
·         For opening an account in an Indian bank,
·         For salary purposes in a company that is registered in India.

Now as the need for the PAN card has increased so much, so the Government of India has increased the difficulties for its application. Now to apply for a PAN card you do not have to go to a chartered accountant. You can follow the guidelines mentioned on the website

A quick view of the step involved

The procedure for application of PAN card is very simple and easy now. As you visit the site, you have to click the option to apply for PAN card. For application purpose, you have to fill and submit the form 49A online. As you submit the form, you get an acknowledgement form with a number that you have to print out.

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Now you have to paste two of your photographs here in the acknowledgment form and have to send this to Pune NSDL with some of the mentioned documents and a ban draft of about Rs. 105+tax. There are now also options to pay this amount online using a debit card, credit card or internet banking during the online form submission.

Documents needed for the application of PAN card

While you are about to send the acknowledgement form to NSDL office, there are some documents also that you have to send. To prepare your form to send to the NSDL office, you can follow these guidelines.

·         There is a space mentioned in the form, where you have to paste your recent, colored photographs of passport size. Also, there is a space where you have to put your signature exactly inside the box.

Documents required for applying for new pan card
Documents required for applying for new pan card

·         You have to attach the photocopy of your birth certificate or any document that verifies your date of birth.

·         You have to attach the photocopy of your identity card that is valid and recognized.

·         You have to attach the photocopy of a document for your residential address proof again.

·         Along with all this, you have to make a ban draft of the charge Rs. 105+tax and attach the same to the form, if you have not made an online payment.

These documents and the form have to be put into an envelope and sealed. You have to mention on the envelope the words ‘APPLICATION FOR PAN – Application Number’.

It has been noticed that a number of fake pan cards are been generated for forgery. Thus, recently the documentation procedure has been made a bit strict. Now it has become mandatory to attach the AADHAR card photo copy with the form.

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  1. You Are Write. PAN card is very important document in our country. If someone applied for PAN card and want to Know PAN, there are number of ways to know like by name, by DOB and by acknowledged no.