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Why getting an NRI PAN Card is mandatory for the NRIs?

If you are an NRI, then it is mandatory that you obtain your NRI PAN Card for all your financial transactions that you would perform in India. When you are doing some transactions in a bank, you have to quote your NRI PAN number. Again it will be required to file your returns similar to what is needed in normal terms. The most important thing is that in whichever country you go, an NRI PAN Card is the valid document that can prove that you are an Indian by your nationality. Thus, it will help you in doing various activities in India such as opening a bank account, applying for passport, visa, or loan, buying real estates and many others.

NRI Pan Card appplication form
NRI Pan Card appplication form

Application for NRI PAN Number

If you are sitting overseas, then also you can apply for your NRI PAN Card anytime and from anywhere. All just what you have to do is to visit the site and have to apply for an NRI PAN Card. As select for an NRI PAN Card application, then the procedures are almost similar to that of the normal PAN Card application.

You have to fill up the form 49A and submit it online, on which you will get an acknowledgement form with a 10 digit alphanumeric number. You have to save this form and take a printout of the same. Now on this form you have to fill up the required space and have to put your signature in the boxes wherever asked for. Also, there are two places where you have to paste your photo. Make sure that your photo that you are pasting must be colored and recent.

You have to send this form to the NSDL office at Mumbai. Along with this form, you also have to send some important documents such as the photocopy of your date of birth, your residential address and also your identity proof. Also, you have to send a demand draft of Rs. 962 along with this lot. Do not forget to mention the note ‘APPLICATION FOR PAN – Acknowledgement Number’ on the envelope in which you are sending this set. Also do send this set in such a way that it reaches the office within 15 days of your online application.

How NRI PAN Cards can help NRIs?

There are a number of ways through which an NRI PAN Card can help the NRIs who are away from the country.

·         It can help you if you wish to do some kind of investment in India.
·         It can help you if you are doing some kind of financial transactions in India.
·         It can help you if you are applying for a loan in India.
·         It can be helpful to your in case you are planning to buy some real estate properties in India.
·         You will need it while opening a Demat account or a new bank account in India.
·         Also, it will be helpful for you if you in foreign remittance and also if you are applying for a visa for some other country.

Nowadays you will get a number of such chartered accountants who can help you in the processing and understanding of the NRI PAN Cards. 

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