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Change the address of your driving licence

Life may bring you various situations and confrontations and in some or the other stage of life, change of address is not an uncommon factor. For some people, unsettled life is an adventure and they like to hop around from place to place with no single permanent address. Others may have a transfer in job or other reasons to change the residences or even move to other cities. When this occurs in your life, you need to change the addresses of the key documents you have. The driving licence is one of the main documents and you cannot afford it to e lagged behind. With the change of your address, your driving licence, too, needs to be updated and renewed. Thus, whenever you change your address, you have to be potent enough to get the correction done.

Driving Licence Address change
Driving Licence address change

Changing your address is an easy process:

Step 1:  The first thing you need to do at the outset is to take the request application in simple A4 size paper. Make sure that you comply by all the formalities.

Step 2: Write in detail your request to change address with complete basic information. You need to mention the previous address and provide with the old copy of licence. Also, be careful to provide with the correct details of the new address.

Step 3: Write your Driving License number and validity on it with address. With respect to this, there should be no inaccuracy, and you need to ensure that the entire process is impeccable and flawless.

Step 4: Having done so, you have to attach the Non-Judicial Court Fee Stamp on the application.

Step 5: Attach 3 passport size photographs with the application form.

Step 6: Attach the copy of address proof with the request page and carry the original copy for verification.

Step 7: Visit to your nearest RTO office with form and documents and submit it.

After submitting the application the department will send you notification to come and pick your new DL with updated address. Another option may turn up like this that the officer will give you a day to come in office to collect it. Just go and collect it to make sure that the entire process takes place without much of a hitch. Application for renewal of driving licence can be made within 30 days from the date of expiry of validity of driving licence.

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After all, you should not try your luck with the old licence on the roads. It is just for the norms that you have to abide by the strictness. Driving is one of the most common arts learnt with ease and once learnt, it remains as a life time asset. Individual requirement of skills vary from person to person and hence, there are different categories of licences for different types of skilled drivers. However, the problem of address changer may crop up at any given moment and you should be careful enough to get the address changes for your licence done in time.

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