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Get a duplicate driving licence in case you have lost yours

It is useless to cry over spilt milk…thus goes the cliché. Indeed, the saying holds good in your practical life as well. And in case you have lost your driving licence, better not brood over it. It is easy to get a duplicate driving licence and here is a step by step guide to what you can do to get a duplicate done at the shortest period of time. You would agree that it is neither advisable nor safe to get into the streets without a valid licence. Thus, it is dangerous to try around the vehicles without the licence which assures you with security.

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A piece of advice:
It is highly logical and advisable to keep the photocopy of your licence, along with the particulars of licence. You should keep each and every particular regarding your licence noted, so that you do not face greater troubles during a loss. It would be easier to locate about your licence particulars from the record. However it is not always possible to keep the record due to personal reasons that may vary from person to person. In such cases, it is advisable to get a fresh licence instead of duplicate of the old licence. Thus it is to be done to ease the process.

Duplicate Driving Licence
Duplicate driving licence

A licence can be renewed for all categories of vehicles, including the following:

Two wheelers:
MC or MCWOG: Motorcycle without Gear
MCWG or M/CYCL.WG: Motorcycle with Gear

Three/four wheel:
ARNT: Auto Rickshaw – Non Transport
ART: Auto Rickshaw – Transport
LMV-NT: Light Motor Vehicle – Non Transport
LMV-T: Light Motor Vehicle – Transport
MGV: Medium Goods Vehicle
MPV: Medium Passenger Vehicle
Heavy Motor Vehicle:
HGV: Heavy Good Vehicle
HPV: Heavy Passenger Vehicle
HTV: Heavy Transport Vehicle (Valid for Goods and Passenger Vehicles)
HZRD: Heavy Transport Vehicle with Hazardous materials
TR: Tractor
RDRLR: Road Roller

In case you apply for a duplicate licence, all you need to do is to approach the issuing authority. Your particulars will be verified from the previous records. The duplicate licence will be valid as the previous licence. The original issuing authority is entitled to issue the duplicate licence.

All that you will require to get a duplicate license:
·         Application in Form LLD.
·         FIR/NCR of the lost licence, which needs to be done on first priority basis from the concerndr police station
·         Challan clearance report from Traffic Police (in case of Commercial licence renewal).
·         A Fee that may vary from place to place
·         Self-Declaration of Physical Fitness.
·         Attested Copy valid address Proof.
      All photo copies to be attested by Gazetted Officer.

No person shall drive a motor vehicle in any public place unless he holds an effective Driving licence issued to him authorizing him to drive vehicle of that particular category. Thus, you should realise the importance of a driving licence. After all, a licence assures that you can drive safely, but you can take no risk with respect o this. If you have lost your driving licence, get a duplicate done at the earliest.

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  1. Thanks to explain driving license because i recently owned my personal vehicle so its helpful for me and get Know Your Pan status on this link.