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Renew your driving licence from time to time

A driving license is valid for a certain period of time from the date of issue. It may also need to be renewed if the holder turns fifty years of age. The driving license is required to be renewed after expiry of its validity. Human bodies are subjected to various changes with time. As the ages pass by, certain altering occurs in the skills of a person when it comes to driving. Since it requires much dexterity and expertise to get close to the art of driving, you should always be carrying a valid licence. You should not risk your journey on the way with invalid licences. Individual requirement of skills vary from person to person and hence, there are different categories of licences for different types of skilled drivers.

Renew Driving Licence
Driving Licence renewal Delhi

The process of renewing your licence is not at all complicated. You need to follow the following steps so that you can renew your driving licence.

Step 1: At the outset, you need to contact the correct authorities. In this case, you can simply go ahead and access the authorities who had issued the licence.

Step 2: you have to match the eligibility criteria to get a valid driving licence. Unless you are eligible to get the licence, it will not be renewed. Your earlier licence must be valid.

Step 3: You should be conversant about the vehicle systems Apart from it; you also must have keen knowledge on observing the traffic rule and obeying rules on the road. You need to have adept skills in driving and observing the rules.

Document Required:
The documents required along with permanent driving license application form are as follows

Ø  Original old License.
Ø  Photograph and completely fill with signature.
Ø  Medical certificate and blood group.
Ø  Residential Certificate (voter card/ passport/ telephone/electricity bill/ ration card etc.)
Ø  Birth Certificate with minimum age of eighteen years and birth certificate issued by M.C., school certificate
Ø  PAN card and birth certificate issued from Civil Surgeon attach attested copies.
Ø  Self-declaration certificate.
Ø  Before renewal the license issued from other authority NOC / conformation mandatory.
Ø  Valid fees/service charge.


The candidate has to undergo a driving test.
This depends upon the nature of the vehicle, which may include any of the following.

Ø  Car
Ø  Motorcycle
Ø  Large goods vehicle (LGV)
Ø  Passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) tests
Ø  Approved driving instructor (ADI) driving ability
Ø  Taxi
During the practical driving test section, candidates have to drive by the following instructions:

Ø  Following traffic signs to a destination,
Ø  Following a series of verbal instructions,
Ø  Following a combination of both.

A route diagram may be shown in order to help candidates understand where they are to go.

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This will not only certify you with the right to drive, but also boost your confidence. Thus, it is clearly evident that obtaining a renewed driving licence is no great issue and you can always spare some time to get it done.

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