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Theoretical and practical driving tests

Undergoing a driving test is a must for obtaining a licence. Not only the licence matters at the end of the day, but whether you are safe enough to manage the steering matters the most. Nothing on earth is guaranteed with absolute safety, not even your life. You incur a risk of life if you do not be fully prepared at the wheels. Driving for pleasure is not the same as driving in traffic. In fact, driving in traffic needs more than just knowing the operations of the machines and mechanisms controlling the vehicle. After all, you need to know how to abide by the traffic rules in order to be safe and efficient .An ideal driver also has an intimate skill and adroitness in handling the vehicle. And to get the much needed assurance at the wheels, all you need to do is to get your skills tested.

Student Driver
The test for driving involves a two-step procedure, a theoretical and a practical test.

Theoretical test:
It encompasses two tests.
·         Hazard perception test
·         Multiple-choice test

Hazard perception
Here the examinees watch some video clips filmed from the perspective of a car driver or motorcyclist and have to indicate when they observe a hazard which is developing.
Multiple-choice test
This test is performed on a computer system with fifty multiple choice questions out of which the candidate must answer at least forty three of them correctly. All the questions need to be answered. In case of heavier vehicles like lorry and bus, the candidates are asked a hundred and need to answer eighty five of them correctly. 

Practical test:
A professionally trained examiner directs the he practical car test on the road. The candidate has to follow a pre-determined route. The examiner marks the candidate for driving faults, serious faults, and dangerous faults. The test usually lasts for time slots of forty minutes. It includes the eyesight test as well. Before getting to the car, the examiner asks the candidate to read a car's number plate at a certain distance. If the candidate fails to read the first number plate correctly, then the examiner asks the candidate to read a second number plate. This continues till the candidate successfully breads the plates. On three successive failures, it will be considered that he has already failed and the test will be discontinued.

Vehicle safety questions
Before the candidate is let out for practical test on the road, the examiner asks some questions about car maintenance and safety. It is done with regard to all the vehicles including:

Ø  Car
Ø  Motorcycle
Ø  Large goods vehicle (LGV)
Ø  Passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) tests
Ø  Approved driving instructor (ADI) driving ability
Ø  Taxi

During the practical driving test section, candidates have to drive by the following instructions:

Ø  Following traffic signs to a destination,
Ø  Following a series of verbal instructions,
Ø  Following a combination of both.

A route diagram may be shown in order to help candidates understand where they are to go.

After going through all these processes, driving test is said to be complete.

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