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Applying for voter ID card in Goa online

In India it is necessary to have Voter ID if you want to use your right to vote. Voter Id is a proof of your citizenship. If this is with you then, you are considered as a true citizen of India. We all know that after every five years elections takes place in our country. And being a citizen of our country, it is our duty to vote for the right candidate in order to make India’s political future bright and prosperous. If your age is 18 years or above and you want to contribute in making a good political future for India then, you have to get your voter card.
Applying for voter ID card in Goa online
Applying for voter ID card in Goa online

Now you might be thinking, why is voter card so much important? Then let me tell you that apart from providing you right to vote, this card is considered as one of the major identity proofs used in India. You can use it as an ID proof almost everywhere. Voter card can also be used to provide proof of your residence as well as photo ID proof. But for this candidate has to register for voter ID card. Only then he/she can get it and use all the facilities linked with it.

How to apply voter card online
The official website for registration of voter ID card in Goa is maintained by Chief Electoral Officer of Goa. From there individuals can download the form in order to register their name in the electoral list. Whole procedure of registration is very simple and is quite easy to understand also.  

About forms and further process
To get the form you have to visit the site which is maintained by election commission which is From the website you can download form 6A. You have to provide complete details about you on the form like your full name, complete residential address and so on. You also have to provide voter ID number of one of your family member who is already registered and have his/ her voter ID card. Remember the username and password you have used while registration. Using those you can visit your application again if in case you want to make any changes in it.

After filling the form you have to upload it again on the website along with the scanned and attested copies of your document. You also have to upload your passport size photograph along with the documents and form. When this process will be over, few government officers will visit your residence for the process of verification of the information you have provided at the time of registration. It is necessary that applicant has to be present at the residence at the time of verification. If the verification process remains successful then, they will provide you an acknowledgement slip along with a date. On that specified date you have to visit the office along with that slip to collect your voter card. If you find any mistake on your voter card then, you can find a form for this also on the website. Form number 8 is meant to use in case of errors in voter ID card. Just fill in the form and provide the details properly which you want to be changed. And upload it again on the website. You will get a modified voter ID card after few days.

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