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How residents of Bihar can get their voter ID card online

Voting is the right of each and every individual. Government of India has decided an age of 18 years above which an individual can cast vote. So if, your age is 18 years or above and you want to use your right to vote then, for that you have to enroll yourself for voter ID card. Because only after getting your voter card you will be allowed to vote in elections. There is no hard and fast rule for registering your name to get your voter ID. The basic eligibility criteria are your age. If, you are eligible according to that then, you can apply for your voter card.
voter id card bihar
voter id card bihar

Basic criteria for applying voter ID card
For applying online you have to visit official website of election commission of India. This website is in association with Bihar government. Those individuals in Bihar who want to register for their voter card should visit the website and download form 6A from there. Fill the form with proper care and upload it back on the website. This website will not only allow you to register for your voter ID card but will also provide you all the details regarding election in your state as well as in India. You will get to know which parties are taking part in election or which party had won the election etc. but if you want to get all the information’s regarding election you have register successfully on the website.
Candidate can also visit website. Here applicant has to log in the website to register his/her name for voter ID card. Therefore candidate will have to register on the site in order to log in the website. During the process of registration you have to provide your mobile number along with your personal details. After that you will get a PIN on your registered mobile number. When you will enter that PIN, only then your registration will get completed. After entering into the website, you have to download form 6A from there and fill that properly and upload it with all the scanned documents. Keep in mind that all the documents should be attested and a scanned copy of passport size photograph should also be attached. At the end get a print out of your form.

After that government officers will come to your place for the process of verification of the information you have provided during the time of registration. At the time of verification candidate’s presence is required. Once the verification is successfully done, the officers will provide you an acknowledgement slip along with a date. On that date candidate have to visit the office to get their voter ID card. Maximum time to get voter ID card is two months. While receiving your voter ID card if you find any mistake in the card then, you can immediately take action to correct it. Again you have to visit and download form 8A which is specified for making corrections in details of voter ID card. Within few days you will get your voter card with correct details.

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