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How to Get Voter ID card in Gujarat

Voter card is treated as the main identification proof in our country. It gives us right to vote. It can be used as an identification proof, age proof or address proof. It is considered as the most valuable identification document in India. People of every state should have their voter card whether it is Punjab or Himachal Pradesh, Goa or Gujarat, voter card should be given first priority.

Here we will tell you about the procedure of applying and getting your voter card in Gujarat. You can apply your voter card either via online mode or you can also visit office of election commission for the same.

Online application of Voter ID card in Gujarat: We are living in a technological era. Everybody is well aware about the usage of internet and if you are one of those who know how to operate a computer system and surf over internet then, it would be very simple and easy for you. Online application is the best option for those who cannot visit the centers physically. What you have to do is open up your PC or laptop, visit official website of election commission of India and search for form number 6A. Download the form and fill it completely with correct details. Check your details twice before uploading the form back to website. After this a government officer will visit your place for the process of verification. And soon after verification you will get your Voter ID card at your door step.

How to apply for voter id card in gujarat
How to apply for voter id card in gujarat

Visit office of election commission: If you are not capable of applying online then, you can visit the office of election commission for the same. You have to get form number 6 A from there and fill it completely with your correct credentials. After the completion of the form, you have to paste your recent passport size photograph on the form. Make sure to have a black and white background in your picture. After that you have to visit the office again with your required documents. Along with the original documents, you have to take a set of photocopies of documents and submit it along with the form. You need not to submit your originals as they are only for your verification.

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There is another option for you to submit the form which is via post. If you are unable to apply online and not even want to visit the center then, you can post your documents along with the form at the address of election commission. In this option you have to send your documents along with the form. No need to send the originals, you can send photocopies instead. But keep it in mind that all your photocopies should be attested. This is required for verification of your documents.

Sometimes it happens that people change their addresses or girls get married then, you need to make changes in your voter ID card. Then for this you can visit the website of election commission and download form number 8A. This form is specially designed for those who want to make changes in their voter ID cards. Just fill in the form and submit with required documents. You will get a modified voter ID card soon.

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