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What is a Voter ID Card and its Importance

Voter ID Card
As we all know that India is a democratic country and every citizen of India has right to vote and select the minister of his/ her choice. Diversity in respect of caste, religion, culture and geography are there in the country, opinion of each individual is different from other that’s why it’s one among the best democratic countries. The elections in India takes place at different levels starting from central to state up-to municipal elections and all these elections are based upon voting. Either the citizens or the people engaged in different departments cast their votes to choose the party and the person who govern whole country and various departments.

Voter id card
Voter id card

It’s very essential to vote by every resident for making better India and to fulfil the same purpose Voter ID cards issued by the government through various centers located in different locations and also the online facility is now available to register for voter card.

Why Voter ID Card is Mandatory to Cast Votes?
A lot of manipulations while voting have been observed at initial stage of elections in India and the most suitable measure found to overcome from this problem is to issue the ID to every voters which also act as their identity and address proof accepted by every government and private department in India. It also helps government to have a exactly count of voters and votes casted to different political parties, moreover it facilitates to count overall percentage of votes casted by the citizens.

How to get Voter ID Card in India?
To obtain a voter card, the applicant has to fill Form 6 which is the application form to register for voter ID and this form needs to be submitted along with the documents to proof Indian citizenship, address, age and other demographic details. The form has to be submitted to Municipal Corporation offices or the centers positioned for this purpose. Its processing time is least comparing to other departments like PAN Card, Passport and Ration Card etc.

Why to Vote?
Voting is the most essential birth right of any citizen, the government rules on the country only depends upon your vote count. So it is wholly up-to the Indian citizens to select the government of their choice whom they think will govern the country in the most appropriate manner. If every resident understands his/ her responsibility towards country and cast educated votes in the elections to select the efficient government then we can cover up the major problems like unemployment and poverty.

Election Commission of India
An Election Commission is associated by Constitution of India to ensure fair and free elections take place in India, also it ensures that the voters won’t get influenced by the political parties while voting whether that is the ruling party. Election Commission also setup the inspection teams who visit the voting booths at the time of elections to avoid fraud casting of votes and any kind of manipulations. They take measures to restrict Voter ID forging and fake vote’s submission in ballet box. Election Commission appoints the officers and employees from different government departments on the voting booths to guide voters how to cast votes and keeping the votes safe. Moreover the exact and fair calculation of votes take care by this commission.

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