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Apply for Voter ID card in Himachal Pradesh?

Whoever is having an address proof of Himachal Pradesh and is willing to apply for voter ID card, can apply for it. If you are applying for voter ID card then, you must be of 18 years or above. Apart from that no other eligibility is required.
Apply for Voter ID card in Himachal Pradesh?
Apply for Voter ID card in Himachal Pradesh?
To make whole process easy and simple for the applicants, HP government along with the joint efforts of CEO of state have started a website for residents of Himachal Pradesh. People who want to enroll their name for voter ID card can apply through this website. Apart from that, this website will also provide you all the information are regarding elections. Not only information’s, polls are also available on the website.  Well today’s era is totally different and everyone knows how to operate computer and use internet. And if you know this then, applying online for voter card is not a big deal for you.
Registration process
Voter ID card does not only allow you to vote but can be also used to show your identity or proof of residence. Apart from this, there is unlimited use of voter ID card. And you will feel its need on daily basis for some or the other thing. Now let us talk about registration process, applicant has to fill a registration form. One can download that form from the official website of election commission. This process is not that torturous like it was in past. You can do it very easily just by downloading form 6A from the website and fill all the details with immense care and upload the form back to website. Along with the form you also have to upload scanned as well as attested copy of your documents with a recent, scanned passport size photograph. You will not find any difficulty during this process because the language used in the website is very simple and you will easily understand it.
Step by step procedure of registration
  • At first visit the website specially made for residents of Himanchal Pradesh.
  • Choose the option of online registration.
  • Next you will be directed to a page with list of forms; you have to chose Form number 6 and download it.
  • 6A form is for those who are applying for voter ID card for the first time. To download the form you should register yourself on the website by creating an account.
  • Then download the form and fill it correctly.
  • If you need any guidance regarding the form then, you can get all the information from the website.
  • Documents which should be uploaded along with form are address proof, age proof and voter Id of a family member.
Verification Process

After few days BLO officers will visit the applicant’s place for the process of verification. If your verification is successfully finished then, your voter ID card will be issued within a period of one month. You can either collect it directly from office or you will get at your door steps. But do not forget to enroll for voter ID card because if you have this with you then, you can give your contribution in choosing your government.

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