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apply for voter ID card online in Pondicherry

Voter ID card is required by each and every citizen of India. Whether that citizen belongs to a state or from a Union Territory, in our country, we have 7 Union Territories and 29 states. Each state has its own state government and that state government is responsible for making arrangements for voter ID card registration in the state. Same is in the case of Union Territories.
Voter ID Card Online Puducherry
Voter ID Card Online Puducherry

Register voter ID card in Pondicherry
We have 7 Union Territories in India and Pondicherry is one among them. Online registration facility is also available in this state also. Government of Pondicherry is maintaining a website for the process of enrollment of voter ID cards. This website will also provide you all the details regarding the upcoming elections and about the polls.
What is the eligibility for applying voter card in Pondicherry
The only eligibility criteria you have to pass are your age. If your age is above 18 years and you have an age proof with you then, you are eligible to enroll for voter ID card. If you are not applying for voter ID card then, it means that you can’t vote in the elections and hence you cannot participate in an important step of your nation.
Simple and easy process of registration
The process of registration is very simple and quick. There are few guidelines which one has to follow during the registration of voter ID card. All the guidelines are given on the website. You don’t have to be a master in computers. A little bit knowledge of computer and internet can work while you are registering your Voter ID card. This user friendly website is created by Election Commission of India in association with the joint efforts of CEO of Pondicherry. It is very easy for the applicant to navigate through the website. It is also quite easy to get all the information related to elections or any other news from the website.

What are the steps to register your voter ID card online?
There are few systematic steps which you have to follow to get your voter ID card registered online.
Step 1: is the website which applicant has to visit in order to enroll for voter ID card.
Step 2: When the website will open up, you will notice online registration button.
Step 3: Just click on that button and you will be redirected to next page.
Step 4: From that page, choose the form option. After that you will get a list of forms displayed on the screen.
Step 5: From there, download form number 6.
Step 6: While downloading the form, a reference number will be emailed to your email ID for the process of confirmation. Process of downloading can only be completed if the confirmation process is successfully completed. That reference number can be used when you want to check your voter ID card’s status or in case you want any sort of changes in your voter ID card.
After downloading the form, you have to fill the form properly as per the guidelines. After the form is completely filled, you have to upload it back on the website along with documents required and a scanned photograph. After that a BLO officer will visit you for the process of verification and after the verification you will get an acknowledgement slip by the officer along with a particular date and time. You have to visit the office on that very day to get your voter card.

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