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Complete procedure to Register Voter Id card in India

We are residing in the biggest demoractic country of the world. We have 29 states in india and people of many religion, caste and creed reside here. No matter what but everyone is treated equally under the indian constitution. In india if you want to use your right to vote then, you must have a voter id card with you. If you are 18 years and above then, you are allowed to have a voter id card and caste your invaluable vote to the political party you want to win the elections. But for this you have to go through a small procedure which is the procedure of registeration.
Register Now for Voter Id Card
Register Now for Voter Id Card
Earlier people have to wait for election campaigns to get their name registerd for voter id card and even the procedure use to be very much daunting. To make it easier for the citizens, election commission of india had made everything online. This is done to increase the number of registerations and to provide people a user friendly environment. These days everyone is aware about computers and know how to operate them. So if you want to register your name for voter Id card and you know how to surf on net then, this is very easy for you. You can do this while siting at your home.
What you have to do is visit This is the official website of election commission of India. For entering the website you have to create your login. For this you have to register on the site only then you will be able to enter the website. After a successful log in you will be redirected to home page. There you would see a lot of sections and each section has its own significance. For the users who want to enroll their name for the first time, “FORMS” section is there. You have to click on that section and soon after you will be redirected to a page full of various forms.
You have to click on form 6 and download the form. Read all the instructions properly before filling the form. While filling the form check all the details you have entered twice. These are the details which would be displaying on your voter ID card. After filling the form, you have to upload it back along with a scanned passport sized photograph and all the required documents like age proof, address proof etc. once your registration is completed you can log out your id. This was the simple and easy procedure of registration which you can do even by sitting at your home.
Verification will take place before the issue of your voter ID card. Under this stage a BLO officer will visit at the same address you have mentioned in the form to check whether you have provided valid details or not. After the verification he will provide you an acknowledgement slip. That slip will contain a date and a serial number. You have to visit the office of election commission on the date mentioned in the slip. There you will get your voter ID card.

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If you find any mistake in your voter ID card regarding address or name or anything else then, there is no need to worry. You just have to visit the website again and fill the relevant form for that. Likewise if you find any mistake in your address then, you can download form 8 and fill it properly and also mention the correct address. After few days you will get your updated voter ID card with correct address on it. Similarly there are many other forms for various purposes. The basic idea behind making all the things online was to provide Indians such a platform where they can easily operate everything according to their convenience and register for their voter ID cards also. This site also provides you the news about the upcoming elections, information regarding polls and, many other things which Indians want to know about elections.

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