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What is the procedure of changing residential address in your existing voter ID card?

All the information given in your voter ID card is very much essential but on the top of everything, residential address is most important section of voter ID card. You will not get your voter ID card at your door step if, the address mentioned in your voter ID card is not correct. In such cases, one must get the address corrected as soon as possible. Earlier the process of making any changes in your voter ID card was very much daunting and time consuming. Online system had made things simpler for those who want any changes in their existing voter ID cards.
Voter ID Card Change of Address
Voter ID Card Change of Address

We all are aware of the fact that voter ID card is considered as the most valuable document. It is considered as the most valid identification proof. If you have your voter ID card with you then, your identity can be verified all over the country. But there is a proper procedure of getting voter ID card. One has to go through registration as well as verification process. In case, someone wants to have any corrections in their voter ID card then, they can get it done by filling simple forms. You will get different types of forms on the website. You can choose the form which is suitable for the type of correction you want. What you have to so be just fill the form with the correct details which you want to be there in your voter ID card.
In each and every state of India a CEO is appointed by the election commission of India. On the official website of CEO, you will get various links. Each link will redirect you to a form. You have to choose the link which will take you to the form which is specially designed for those who want to make changes in their address.

The candidate who wants to make corrections in the address should choose form 8A. Candidate must fill the form properly in order to make changes in the address and upload it back on the website. There are three sections in the form and few simple steps which one has to follow:
First section:
  • One has to mention the serial number of the voter’s list. Part number should also be mentioned.
  • Elector’s photo identity card is required.
  • What is your relation with the elector?
Second section:
  • Mention the new address you want on voter ID card.

Third Section
  • Mention the number of your new residence.
  • If you don’t have that then, you can mention the number of the polling booth which is near your residence.

It is mandatory to fill the form properly and submit it along with the scanned copies of the required proofs. Do not forget to upload the proof of your new address. You can also add documents like your electricity bills, phone bills or rent bills with copy of your voter ID card. Within few days you will get your voter ID card at your door steps.

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